inFORM: Group Exhibition

inFORM presents the work of nine outstanding New Zealand sculptors working with a variety of materials from traditional bronze, wax, steel and clay to forged iron and found objects.

  • Opening Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
  • Closing Date: Sunday, 13 August 2017
  • Opening Time: Tue-Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-4pm

Includes: Graham Bennett, Bing Dawe, Madeleine Child, Lauren Lysaght, Nic Moon, Julie Ross, Nate Savill, Greer Twiss, Jeff Thomson & Reg Laurie.


The aesthetic raw material of sculpture is, so to speak, the whole realm of expressive three-dimensional form. A sculpture may draw upon what already exists in the endless variety of natural and man-made form, or it may be an art of pure invention. It has been used to express a vast range of human emotions and feelings from the most tender and delicate to the most violent and ecstatic.

All human beings, intimately involved from birth with the world of three-dimensional form, learn something of its structural and expressive properties and develop emotional responses to them. This combination of understanding and sensitive response, often called a sense of form, can be cultivated and refined. It is to this sense of form that the art of sculpture primarily appeals.

Essay excerpt Leonard R. Rogers



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