Anton Forde

He toka tumoana he ākinga nā ngā tai...

Sculptor Anton Forde often feels he is in another world when he creates in stone.  His knowledge comes from the ancestral fusion of two worlds- the ancient world of the Celts and our own homeland – Aotearoa.

His magic is shaped out of carefully sourced ancient pounamu which are selected by Anton for their uniqueness, quality, and a feeling of connection. Some of these, stones that find their way from deep crevasses below the earth’s crust to the clean pristine waters such as those of the Dorothy Falls in the beautiful West Coast of the Kōhatu Te Wai o Pounamu (South Island) of Aotearoa.

Molten material within the earth, changed by heat and pressure over millions of years give birth to our beautiful Kōhatu o te Wai Pounamu/ Stones greenstones, unique to the South Island of Aotearoa.

In nephrite, the crystal structure of the tremolite is tight and interlinked, giving the rock immense strength – similar to steel. The depth of the nephrite kōhatu pounamu’s green colour is determined by small amounts of iron and chromium. This Science of Geology was recognised by all of Anton’s ancestors to make tools and record ancient kōrero /stories. The stones are protected by the guardians of the land and only released with the blessing of  papa o te whenua, they are lovingly carried out of the dense bush and passed into Anton’s care.

The magic unfolds as Anton works and slowly uncovers the hidden shapes within rock, the cuts and marks he makes are informed by subtle nuances within the stone directing his hand and informing the shape of the finished work.

The completed works of art are priceless Taonga referencing ancient Anton’s connection to places of home, sea, sky and birds- creating heirlooms for future generations.

Anton Forde (Ngāti Ruanui, Gaelige, Gaelic, English) holds a Masters of Māori Visual Arts with First Class Honours from Toioho ki Āpiti/Massey University. His connection to the land, the majesty of nature, and a fascination with themes that are universal to ‘first nation’ cultures are the greatest influences on his work. Forde has since spent extended periods living in his Nanna’s (Taranaki - Ngati Ruanui - Iwi Taranaki) part of the country, with the majestic Maunga Taranaki ever-present, and in Ireland where he discovered ancient inspirational art themes. Forde has a number of significant public works in public and private collections both in New Zealand and overseas.



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