Julie Ross

As an artist I enjoy working with figures and animals, combining them in a way that tells a story, creates a sense of the unexpected, and perhaps puts a smile on the face of the viewer.

Julie Ross reimagines narratives from a range of sources; literary nods to The Bible, Greek Mythology, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes, as well as art-historical references from painting and sculpture, are often recognisable elements in her work.

Hand-built porcelain clay works and wax-and-bronze sculptures compliment oil paintings within Julie's practice. Julie utilises playful, witty, and surreal components to comment on issues regarding contemporary society, personal experiences, and humanity. Figures with half-human, half-animal features frequently appear in Julie's work; these playful figures are characters created in response to the ideas, teachings, metaphors, and symbols we encounter in so many narratives. An engaging and masterful storyteller, her surrealist and illustrative style is layered with multiple meanings and innuendos. This allows Julie to tell a visual story that is simultaneously whimsical yet critiquing, individual yet collective.

In 2005, Julie received a BFA with Honours from Canterbury University, followed by a Masters in Painting in 2011. She has exhibited across New Zealand and Melbourne. In November 2016, Julie exhibited a new body of work in her show Rabbitat, which illustrates an exploration into society and humanity through metaphor, allegory, anthropomorphism, and humour.