Lisa Rayner

Each of Lisa's painted landscapes sit within a short series that loosely describe a rural area, providing a momentary glimpse into an imagined space that exists in the medium of paint.

Lisa's work is an on-going study of the plasticity of paint through continual re-imagined and re-experienced painted spaces. Lisa draws on the perceived connection we feel with 'place' and hopes to find new connections within the medium and through the act of painting. Lisa's fluid style and the inherently indeterminate act of painting cause form and composition to shift and mould: each image undermines and is undermined by the next and there is a simultaneous dialogue of loss and gain.

The painted space exists somewhere in-between each image: an unreal space is alive with a brief connection drawn in the performance of paint and lost immediately after. This searching for connection is never resolved but rather exhausted in each work.

RIFF RAFF Issue 10 | 2014

Lisa Rayner graduated with a Masters of Art & Design from Auckland University of Technology and was the co founder of the artist run space and studio; Second Story.