Nic Moon

"I am interested in human we survive as a species within the ecosystems of our environment. My work is often site responsive, incorporating my own observations with the human stories and environmental history of a place.” 

After living at the edge of Nelson Lakes National Park for ten years, Nic Moon moved to central Nelson and the change from rural to urban was reflected in her work. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations are all part of Nic's dynamic oeuvre. Nic received a BFA from Ilam School of Fine Arts, Canterbury University and an MFA from RMIT in Melbourne. Nic has established a reputation with the formal and classic beauty of her paintings, sculpture, and photography.  This is also evident in her elegant sculptural and installation works using gathered materials and found objects (both natural and industrial).

In recent years Nic has taken "tools that have been used for deforestation and the transformation of the natural into the urban environment. Giant saw blades, shovels and circular saws have been attacked with a plasma cutter and incised with leaf patterns and shapes of New Zealand native ferns and foliage. It is as if these weapons of destruction hold the tissue memory of their victims." (Robin Woodward). The delicate incisions of native fauna patterns into steel demonstrate Nic's insight to the world around her and abilities with a wide range of materials and tools.

Nic has been awarded several prestigious residencies including the William Hodges Fellowship in Southland (2009) and Auckland Regional Council Artist in Residence. She exhibits throughout New Zealand in solo and group shows.


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18 October, 2014
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