Tommy Hamilton
Steady Stream of Condolences

1 – 22 June, 2018
Opening: Friday 1st June, 5pm – 7.30pm

Steady Stream of Condolences is a set of images that explore the multiple ways space and people inhabit the world.  Its an operation evoking memories of how places are traversed and possible outcomes from being in these spaces.

Tommy's practice explores the ways of being in-between memories of place and self.  Sometimes these explorations are fleeting and other times there is a constant observation that offers a fleeting connection or imparts a unique experience that requires our eye to become a dedicated witness.  The intention to share these observations is to offer space for other observations to manifest.  The exchange is unconditional.

Tommy Hamilton studied at the Tasmanian School of Art and VCA in Australia.  His practice has encompassed, photography, video, performance and printmaking.  Themes in his work have moved from self portraiture through to stories that incorporate bodies and movement between ephemeral spaces.