• Jack Trolove
  • Jack Trolove

    Open: 26 September – 22 October 2017


    Jack Trolove is the quintessential painter’s painter. His works are all about oil paint and how he applies it. He paints ‘wet on wet’, layering thick portions of fresh, intense colour beside and on top of one another to create the illusion of roughly hewn, three dimensional form.

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  • Erin Forsyth
  • Erin Forsyth

    Open: 04 October – 22 October 2017


    These new works by Erin Forsyth, carefully researched over 18 months, illustrate key characteristics of threatened species of land and forest, the ecological relationships sustaining them and which, in turn, they sustain.

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data[@alias='PageTitle']Bob Kerr: The Great South Road. The Road of Invasion.

Opens: 24 October

The Great South Road was built as a road of invasion. As Governor Grey explained to the Secretary of State For the Colonies in January 1862 this road would mean, "The Waikato River will lie quite open to our attacks at any moment."

View exhibition  data[@alias='PageTitle']Hanna Shim

Opens: 24 October

Hanna Shim blurs cute, kitsch, and uncanny elements together in her sculptural and installation-based practice.

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data[@alias='PageTitle']DRAW opening at the Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei.

September 2017

Including Penny Howard and James Ormsby.

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data[@alias='Title']On The Surface

Sam Foley (essay Peter Entwisle) July 2008

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