• At Risk
  • At Risk

    Open: 22 April – 18 May 2014


    Five artists respond to issues surrounding environments and communities at risk.

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data[@alias='PageTitle']Lisa Rayner: Shifting Ground

Opens: 20 May

Shifting Ground is an ongoing study of the plasticity of paint through continual reimagined and re-experienced painted spaces.

View exhibition  data[@alias='PageTitle']Emma Pratt: Postcards from the Garden of the Moorish King

Opens: 20 May

“The wilderness, so named by us, needs a visitor, a memory, because, like any monument (and it is), it cannot remember itself. So that's me, I am providing the memory, returning as I constantly do in my art making to frame landscapes of the wilderness/garden of my infancy, the Eden from which we were cast.”

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data[@alias='PageTitle']Bob Kerr: Number One Field Punishment

April 2014

On now at Tauranga Art Gallery, this is a powerful narrative exhibition detailing one of the dark stories of New Zealand's involvement in World War I and specifically the treatment Archibald Baxter (the father of James K Baxter) experienced as a conscientious objector.

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data[@alias='Title']Graham Bennett

Heavy Shadows (essays by Robin Woodward & John Freman-Moir) 2013

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