Garry Currin: Voices of Earth

  • 10 February 2022


GARRY CURRIN: Voices of Earth

Voices of Earth [Other Histories] series 
Oil on stretched canvas, 2021 
1680H x 2113W x 40mmD 

Currin's restricted palette enhances the mood of his landscapes by creating an atmosphere that is grave, grand and almost elegiac. It is one in which highlights are used sparingly to give points of interest and evoke elements such as fire, water and air. As he has observed, his landscapes are 'elemental and they come from within'. Also at play here is the feeling of history, of the passage of time, and the immutable order of nature. Currin's paintings often give an extensive viewpoint. We gaze out and over the land towards the distant horizon. He has noted: 'I love big spaces and engaging with the landscape. His works release their meanings slowly, like a time capsule, and have their full impact on the viewer only after thought and concentration.
Excerpt from The Fire of Change: The Landscape Paintings of Garry Currin by Michael Dunn. Art New Zealand (Summer 2020).

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