Lianne Edwards

Beauty and chaos, transience and permanence are key phrases in Lianne Edwards’ analysis of nature and its mindless destruction by humankind.

Lianne Edwards background in marine ecology and resource management, and as an artist serves to position her at the forefront of eco artists in New Zealand.  Her interest in both science and art finds its voice in artworks that make comment on our relationship with the natural world.  All too often humankind is found wanting in an examination of our interaction with nature.  Edwards work, often microscopically delicate, or alternatively, commanding a strong physical presence, questions how we value the natural world.  The subtlety and aesthetic appeal of her works belies the underlying environmental messages and important themes she addresses.

Edwards has collaborated with organisations such as the Sea Cleaners initiative, and also with wildlife scientists to draw attention to what’s happening in our marine environment and with our critically endangered native bird populations. Lianne is of Tongan, Irish, Scottish & English descent. Born and bred in South Auckland she is now based in the top of the South Island.

"I personally feel a very strong connection to the Pacific region, firstly from growing up on an island nation (New Zealand) surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, secondly due to my Tongan ancestry, and thirdly because of my background and interest in marine ecology and conservation.  I’m concerned about what’s happening to our oceans and to our native plants and animals and the future that we will be leaving for generations to come”.  

Lianne has work in the collections of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Chartwell Collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, James Wallace Arts Trust and many private and public collections.



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