Kenneth Merrick opens in Auckland and Tokyo

  • 26 June 2019

Currently based in Japan, Kenneth Merrick is an artist whose creative output extends across a range of media and materials.
His work orbits a myriad of influence and is arrived at through intuitive approaches, visual thought processes and d.i.y methods.

Te Tātai o Matariki
Gallery One (Building One), Unitec, Auckland
Opening: Tuesday 2 July, 5.30–7PM
Exhibition: 3–26 July 2019 

Te Tātai of Matariki is one of the many names used for this kāhui whetū (star constellation). This name speaks specifically to joining, connection or “tātai”. The name in essence speaks to the interconnectedness of life, that the signs and movements of Matariki in the heavens directly influence and effect the earth and the people, they are “joined” and inseparable. Therefore, Te Tātai o Matariki speaks to the intangible spiritual bonds that we share not just with each other and our ancestors, but with all aspects of the natural environment that surrounds us. The name speaks to union, balance and harmony, it speaks to the oneness of heaven and earth and most importantly, it speaks to our place in it, our role and responsibility as humans, as caretakers and custodians of the land, and of life. Te Tātai o Matariki or The Joining of Matariki is an exhibition that celebrates the wonderful and diverse practice of some of our near, recent and past Maori graduates in Unitec’s Art and Design Programmes -The Bachelor of Creative Enterprise, the Masters of Creative Practice and the Bachelor of Art and Design. 

TRANSITIONS ・ トランジションズ
ICA Space Higashinihonbashi, Tokyo
25–30 June 2019

A collection of 24 international and Japanese artists present Transitions, an exhibition exploring states of change. Covering a range of motifs, the artists explore mysticism, anxiety, storytelling, body modification, the passing of time, anthropomorphism and much more. Join us to explore this diverse collection of mediums in a transitional world.


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