Bone Like This

6 October – 1 November
Preview: Sunday 6 October, 2 – 4.30PM
Artist Workshop: Saturday 26 October, 2PM / All Welcome

Hanna Shim's previous chunky soft sculpture work, talk about childish naivety whilst holding a sinister and foreboding undertone. Despite their cute exterior, they imbue a sense of unexpected twists and irony as the forms undergo a sense of metamorphosis. In her upcoming series Bone Like This, her work takes on an even darker tone as she speaks about death and mortality.

Using a variety of different materials collaged together, Shim precisely creates unique forms on a smaller scale. Shim's interest in the contrasting qualities of 'soft' and hard' stays consistent as she speaks about the cyclical nature of life; born soft – grow hard – die soft. Moving away from her typical soft material aesthetic, she combines her work with firm and rigid materials such as resin, glass and perspex whilst maintaining her unique sense of humour. Shim invites viewers to explore the realm of 'hard' and 'soft'; 'heavy' and 'light'; 'serious' and 'witty'.

Shim is an Auckland-based artist, born in Korea and raised in New Zealand. She identifies herself as a maker, her practice contains certain qualities of playfulness and childishness both in her processes and visual outcome. It involves a mode of condensation and hybridisation of contradicted imageries, objects and stories. Shim completed her BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2012 and has continued into the MFA. She has participated in numerous group shows with Elam attendees and alumni.




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catalogue here.

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