Cosmic Mollusc

25 August – 13 September

"Einstein had no difficulty intuiting the cosmic mollusc in which we are immersed which can be
squashed, stretched, and twisted - and that constitutes spacetime around us”

Carlo Rovelli

In the book Reality Is Not What It Seems: Journey into Quantum Gravity, author Carlo Rovelli discusses his subjects poetically, capturing Wade with ideas of Michael Faraday’s lines and Sir Isaac Newton’s space.  Other reading has included discussion on time, space, black holes, sea-life, evolution and consciousness. Concepts of the unknown, and yet to be discovered inspiring new perspectives, playing out in brilliant colour on canvas and board.

Wade has exhibited in a number of exhibitions in New Zealand and abroad in public and dealer galleries. She was selected a finalist in awards such as the Wallace Art Award, Parkin Drawing Prize, and the Agendo Art Award in Melbourne. Wade's work has also been included in Books such as ‘Its All About the Image’ Dick Frizzell and ‘Seen this Century’ Warwick Brown.