the pale and beyond AKL
netsuke toggle things
new ceramics by Madeleine Child

18 November – 7 December, 2018
Preview: Sunday 18 November, 2–4.30pm

It was seeing those tiny weeny thrown ceramics in the Museum that made me want to try working much smaller, and then from some recess I remembered Gillian Lowndes showing me Netsukes (but I was way too busy back then getting my college money's worth making huge things), 16th Century Japanese carved sculptural functional kimono pocket holding fashion accessory toggle artefacts with their Anything Goes subjects and either ricecake shaped or elongated with slits or solid 3D compact forms, and meant to be handled or rather fondled, fiddled with; and then if you muck about on the wheel these pretty much make themselves as throwing is always pulled up or poked at or opened out and then collapsed, either innie or outie, a thing or a hole, vessel or lump, positive or negative, and there’s that Grook about everything being either concave or - vex so everything being something with sex.

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