Anton Forde: Rangatira Chiefly

  • 1 November 2021


ANTON FORDE: Rangatira Chiefly

Kōhatu o te Wai Pounamu Totoweka / South Island Nephrite mounted on
Volcanic Basalt from the Albert Barracks Wall
(h) 720 + plinth, (w) 320, (d) 330mm

Anton Forde's magic is shaped out of carefully sourced ancient pounamu, stones that find their way from deep crevasses below the earth’s crust to the clean pristine waters of the Dorothy Falls in the beautiful West Coast of the Kōhatu Te Wai o Pounamu (South Island) of Aotearoa.

Molten material within the earth, changed by heat and pressure over millions of years give birth to our beautiful greenstones, unique to the South Island of Aotearoa.

View more of Anton's work HERE.



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